dollar diplomacy

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diplomacy influenced by economic considerations

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Hernandez, Cuba and the United States: Intervention and Militarism, 1868-1933 (Austin, TX: University of Austin Press, 1993), 145-56; and Munro, Intervention and Dollar Diplomacy, 136-39.
Weltover ushered in a series of attempts by creditors to use the legal system to create a regime not unlike Dollar Diplomacy, only now enforced by court orders rather than by executive decisions.
Taiwan and China have accused each other of buying allies with soft loans, so-called dollar diplomacy, with Beijing gaining a clear upper hand with its much larger economy;
But what is seen in the Frondizi example is that dollar diplomacy was geared to the gratification of respective agendas.
The resulting dollar diplomacy emphasized corporate investments over military force.
Financial Missionaries to the World: The Politics and Culture of Dollar Diplomacy, 1900-1930, by Emily S.
He is the author of several articles including "American Investment in Tropical Mexico: Rubber Plantations, Fraud, and Dollar Diplomacy, 1897-1913," Business History Review (Spring 1990); and "Money as Commodity: Mexico's Conversion to the Gold Standard, 1905," Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos (Spring 1996).
Other beneficiaries of the administration's dollar diplomacy include:
Marine Corps occupation of Haiti (which even today is imperially victimized); in Dollar Diplomacy, a still-relevant 1925 study of U.
But, he added, Taiwan should seek to strike a compromise with China and conduct ''flexible diplomacy'' rather than dollar diplomacy to expand its international presence.
According to the author, dollar diplomacy here was not just the supervision of Nicaragua's finances in exchange for loans by American bankers, but, more importantly, it served a strategic purpose--preventing European powers from taking advantage of Nicaragua's instability to build a rival interoceanic canal.
6) As yet, however, no coherent revisionist interpretation of the effects of American investment and Dollar Diplomacy on porfirian Mexico has been propounded.
Are the big stick, dollar diplomacy and Manifest Destiny still viable policies?
After the First World War Sullivan & Cromwell lawyer John Foster Dulles participated in the negotiation of the Treaty of Versailles and the administration of dollar diplomacy during the interwar years: The book provides a detailed account of how Dulles's sympathy for the America First campaign was part of a wider complicity in the rise of Nazi Germany that was little short of astonishing.
The sections on dollar diplomacy in Latin America and East Asia contain much new material, and the international political economy of World War I is well-documented.