doll's eyes

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North American herb with white poisonous berries

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I'll come to you, a mouthful of doll's eyes and sour grass.
One day he pried out the doll's eyes with the tip of his scalpel and pawned them for a fancy gold pocket watch with a long, embossed chain.
Barbie[R] doll's eyes are inspired by Aquadisiac, Carbon and Taupe Eye Shadows with Smolder Eye Kohl and Coal Black Pro Lash Mascara.
Deadly nightshade (black berries), climbing nightshade (red or black berries), poison ivy and poison sumac (white berries) and plants like baneberry, doll's eyes, leopardsbane and a host of unfamiliar plants are best admired at a distance.
Don't buy toys with parts that can be removed, like a doll's eyes, buttons, coins, etc.