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Synonyms for dolefulness

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sadness caused by grief or affliction

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There is an extent to which even his supporters must feel reluctant to indulge him in this dolefulness.
The title of the last poem, "Lamb, Willow: An Arch Dolefulness Has Taken Me This Far" describes her aesthetic well.
The answer to her dolefulness comes with the arrival of Alexandre Fabbri, a pupeteer who performs with his marionettes in the school where Veronique teaches music.
Dolefulness is the prevailing mood and no-one would bet on a beaming smile bursting out across his face by tea-time on Saturday.
Between them, her bright hair in a tumble down the flying tangerine dispersal of her cloak, the Magdalene prostrates herself like an alighted butterfly, the amber splendours of her hands outstretched in her dolefulness.