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Synonyms for dole

Synonyms for dole

assistance, especially money, food, and other necessities, given to the needy or dispossessed

dole out: to give out in portions or shares

Synonyms for dole

a share of money or food or clothing that has been charitably given

money received from the state

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Dole Holding Company, LLC (Intermediate Holding Company)
If he's re-elected, he's going to spend half his time with investigations,'' Dole told a Saturday morning rally that half filled an Indianapolis airport hangar.
Sounding a bit tired and worn after four hours of sleep and taking cough drops for a sore throat, Dole kept up the theme.
The combination of the FDA announcement and the lawsuit means more bad news for Dole.
Senators Dole and Inouye are outstanding examples of the men and women who sacrificed so much of their lives during World War II," said DAV National Commander Alan W.
Dole is doing nothing to disabuse voters of the any-woman-will-do notion.
Dole trailed Democrat William Roy during the 1974 senatorial campaign until Dole accused his opponent, a physician, of having performed abortions during his medical practice.
For Reed, 1996 is about trying to purge the ghost of 1988, the year in which Bob Dole ran as, well, Bob Dole, refusing to sign the ridiculous antitax pledge in New Hampshire or pander to the right.
Not often discussed has been the tepid support he has achieved among older Republicans, many of whom have evidenced worry that, as President, Dole would not support affordable health care for the elderly.
As former Nixon henchmen from William Safire to candidate Dole himself cast the president and first lady as Nixon redux, predicting a Clinton II as scandal-ridden as Nixon II, so the loser would be lambasted by conservative cheerleader Peggy Noonan as the last Nixonian.
At his best, Bob Dole is a fiscal conservative who understands that "sacrifice" means more than cutting programs for the poor, and a skeptic of government activism who nevertheless sees the dangerous excesses of an unfettered marketplace.
You know Bob Dole, the guy with the giant chip on his shoulder, the guy who shoots from the chip?
Carter noted: "Although there is no reliable scientific basis for alleged injuries from the agricultural field application of DBCP, Dole has continued to seek reasonable resolution of the pending claims.
Excluding the after-tax impact of these items in both years, Dole reported a loss of $1.
But suddenly, like the thing that will not die, it's 72-year-old vet Bob Dole seeking one last mission as your president.