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Synonyms for trick

Synonyms for trick

the proper method for doing, using, or handling something

a clever, dexterous act


a limited, often assigned period of activity, duty, or opportunity

to cause to accept what is false, especially by trickery or misrepresentation

trick out: to dress in formal or special clothing

so weak or defective as to be liable to fail

Synonyms for trick

a cunning or deceitful action or device

a period of work or duty

an attempt to get you to do something foolish or imprudent

Related Words

a ludicrous or grotesque act done for fun and amusement

a prostitute's customer

(card games) in a single round, the sequence of cards played by all the players

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In the BCFA Sunday Junior Cup quarter-final at Ryton between Three Shuttles twice came from behind to oust Pensnett Panthers 3-2, Dean Burrows's extra-time strike doing the trick after Danny White, Chris Wiley had kept them in contention.
Like many magicians he found doing the trick going wrong was funnier than doing the trick going right.
Sensing that the usual talking points weren't doing the trick, CAFTA'S supporters were reduced to selling the agreement as a way to fend off the threat of a globalized China.
But perhaps Lucarelli is being too hasty in dumping his "diet" as it still seems to be doing the trick for Celtic's John Hartson.
Such big winning scores on the par-72 track reflected windy conditions, with solid putting also doing the trick for Eccleston.
In the Premier Division BRNESC lost 2-0 to Obiter Fabs4, a Liam Currie double doing the trick.