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Synonyms for doily

a small round piece of linen placed under a dish or bowl


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Two of Jill Journeaux's pieces on display at The Lanchester Gallery as part of the Drawology |exhibition, My Mother's Doily (above left) and Island
An oversteer alarm is mounted on the steer doily along with a wireless audio alarm with lights for the tractor cab.
Just cut it to the correct width and length and follow the steps accordingly, or add a doily or round of fabric instead of a button.
UBER broker Doily Lenz has come out on top of the heap of Prudential Real Estate Affiliates brokers.
Sponsored by the IFA Supplier Forum, these roundtables offer a wide range of cutting-edge topics relevant to how you conduct business on a doily basis.
For example, "Tall Catholic Priest, big hat, regular gold cross, full sermon, primetime 11am Sunday morning, 200ml goblet of red wine, white doily, plate of custard creams, pounds 25 all in.
The intense devotion that Doily Parton engenders has now manifested itself in an art show.
A key advantage--if there is already a pallet conveyor in the system then the system can be upgraded by adding the doily conveyor.
Try placing a paper doily at the top of your child's plate or someplace where you know a cup won't be likely to spill.
Industrial Magnetics' Manhole Cover Lift System utilizes the convenience of a doily in combination with the deep reaching strength of IMI's Power-lift magnets, which are able to penetrate the textured surface of any manhole cover.
Who could lie to a woman who wears a doily on her head and doesn't own a TV?
To finish off a cake beautifully, place a lace doily over it and lightly sprinkle powdered sugar across.
Of course it doesn't matter who plays with a guy who can write a line like "Christian charity is a doily over my death boner.
I placed the soap, with its ginger hair, on a doily and served it to my husband at supper.