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Dogwood trees bloom in the spring, and crape myrtle trees bloom in the summer.
The highlight of their day had been that morning, sitting together and reading under the dogwood tree.
He was inspired to purchase a lovely flowering dogwood tree to honor this beloved Army nurse heroine.
A bunchberry dogwood (Cornus canadensis) bears flowers much like those of the beloved ornamental dogwood tree, but the entire bunchberry stands hardly knee high.
The dogwood tree, heavy with blossoms / still wears the yellow and blue ribbons // tied around its trunk in remembrance / of that spring's shattered promise.
Civil War folklore describes how people would boil parts of the dogwood tree for medicinal applications when quinine did not make it through the Union blockade.
The dogwood tree was likely named so because its bark was used to treat mangy canines in England.
An indigenous dogwood tree found at Catoctin Mountain Park in northern Maryland is believed to be resistant to dogwood anthracnose, a fungal disease that has swept from New England through the Appalachian Mountains in little more than 20 years.
On May 1, the anniversary of Hickok's death, a marker, bench and dogwood tree will be placed at her gravesite.
The packages will contain Dogwood tree seedling and a brochure explaining the benefits of the Expanded Academic Index database via the InfoTrac 2000 Tape Lease Program.
After the crucifixion, the dogwood tree was transformed into a small, flowering tree that could never be used as a cross again.
Bigelow Nurseries recently donated a flowering dogwood tree to Boylston as part of a Massachusetts Landscapers Association replanting and beautification program.
Bursting with blooms in May, a dogwood tree flowers in front of a large red oak and other hardwoods above the Pomperaug River.
A small dogwood tree and plaque near the federal building plaza memorializes the Oklahoma City victims.
The gardens were a riot of azaleas in salmon pink, scarlet and magenta and most gardens had a dogwood tree covered in blossom of pink or white carried on elegant black branches.