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Dogwood features casual, traditional, welcoming silhouettes.
Dogwood trees have been plagued by anthracnose, a fungus, and they have disappeared from many areas.
Kara Bonzheim, CAS, joined Dogwood as the Regional Sales Representative for the eastern United States.
Agricultural Research Service plant geneticist Richard Olsen has worked to determine the appropriate dogwood cultivars for the varied Japanese climate and to locate the planting material.
MANY cornus - dogwoods - are grown for their colourful stems throughout the winter months.
As a part of the Dogwood Estates project, 80 substandard homes that were built as temporary housing during World War II were replaced with 40 new affordable single family homes.
Despite illuminating the darkest corners, dogwoods are sometimes avoided because they are associated with roundabouts and other public open spaces for low maintenance planting by local councils.
We hope that these dogwood trees in Japan will, like the cherry trees here, serve as a symbol of the strong relationship and friendship between our countries,'' Clinton said during a dinner with Noda and others, which she hosted in Washington.
Through the years Dogwood has been represented by 76 Stakes winners, 15 Grade 1 scorers, six millionaires, two Eclipse champions, a Classic and a Breeders' Cup victor.
There is no better way to celebrate spring and the blooming of the city's favorite trees than at the 2012 Atlanta Dogwood Festival.
I thought of Picasso, i van Gogh, and others in looking at these works, but the tip-off was most explicit in the paired paintings Still Life with Dogwood IV, 2010-11, and Still Life with Dogwood IV, 2011, both showing table-top arrangements of a vase with flowers, fruit, and small objects.
Dogwood (Cornus) THESE deciduous shrubs are grown for their eyecatching stems, which provide useful colour in the winter garden, and some are particularly useful in smaller gardens.
Dogwood is a contemporary large-scale floral pattern that the company says will work well in any environment.
Cut stems of dogwood so that all stems are the same length and place at the back of the vase.
In late March, the Asheville-based environmental nonprofit Dogwood Alliance released a report on packaging in the fast food industry and publicly announced its new campaign for fast food packaging reform.