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either of two short watches: from 4-6 pm or 6-8 pm

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DogWatch UK spokeswoman Denise Boardman said: "We are thrilled to be part of the anniversary celebrations at Box Tree and we hope to can raise lots of funds for animal rescues in the area.
A Dogwatch UK spokesman said: "We urge anyone who is considering homing a dog to come along and have some fun to help us raise funds.
After an absence of five years, the carnival committee have enlisted the help of charity Dogwatch UK to bring back the competition.
All members of Dogwatch are responsible and agree to clean up after their dogs, and I know that they all respect the cemetery and people who come to visit their family graves, and all have family buried in the cemetery.
Belvoir's other divisions include Your Home (with titles on home decorating, cooking, and antiques), Horses, Aviation, Marine, Shooting, and Pets (including DogWatch and Catwatch, both from the Cornell School of Veterninary Medicine).
The R6 also features Safelink(R) Technology, a patented FM digital system designed by DogWatch to make a more secure fence by eliminating unintentional correction caused by stray radio signals; the exclusive AutoMemory(TM) feature, which constantly monitors and adjusts the training level for each dog to ensure its safety; and flexible trainings level which, unlike other systems is adjustable by the pet-owner.
On Sunday, there will be entertainment by folk group Dogwatch, with proceeds to Guide Dogs for the Blind.
With 15 levels of electronic stimulation in both nick and continuous, as well as options for vibration and tone, the BigLeash S-15 Remote Trainer by DogWatch Training Products is the Swiss Army knife of e-collars.
Duane said Dogwatch is providing Fayetteville with a good boarding kennel that the city was lacking.
Their discussion has tended to focus not only on free-standing monosyllabic words but also on compounds of two or more of these, such as dogwatch and blue-black.
The company molded parts for a dog-collar signal-sensing system sold by DogWatch of Natick, Mass.
Several companies, including DogWatch, have collars with LEDs that can be turned on remotely so you can spot your dog in low light.
That article plays the role of a dogwatch on the press as it turns newspapers into state pamphlets, at the same time releasing the hands of 'takfiri' media," the syndicate stated, adding that an official statement is just a part -- and not the only -- of information collection process to uncover the truth.
If anybody is interested in registering for DogWatch and to help report incidents when out and about with pets, contact watch@owlcymru.
Organised by Dogwatch UK, which works across the West Midlands re-homing dogs and raising funds for other animal rescues, there were a host of categories to find the city's perkiest pooches.