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Synonyms for dogsled

a sled pulled by dogs

travel with a dogsled


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This group of students was selected because their classroom teacher had already worked with Lisa Korteweg and settler-teacher candidates who had taken the BEd course Indigenizing Perspectives and Practices in Education (IPPE) to pilot and implement a Land-based unit of dogsledding in the fall semester.
Those who would like to experience dogsledding but are afraid of getting too cold or overspending on gear they will never use again can rest easy: EarthSong Lodge provides the specialized cold weather outer layer of clothing, including cold weather pac boots rated to -80F, cold weather dog mushing oversuit, and overmitts.
About 60 miles northeast of Fairbanks, this rustic but cozy resort has dogsledding, an amazing ice museum, and aurora borealis viewing.
When dogsledding across the Arctic Ocean to the North Pole in 1986, we crossed hardly any open water.
Despite its romantic image, dogsledding is arduous work.
Finnish Dogsledding Week - Travellers will learn how to harness, feed and look after their own team of huskies before starting a five-day cabin-to-cabin dogsled expedition.
I went dogsledding once, in another town, when we were on vacation.
Camera (color, HD video), Paul Cuthbert; editor, Michele Francis; music, Eric Cadesky, Nick Dyer; music supervisor, Euan Hunter; supervising sound editor, Terry Wedel; rerecording mixers, Wedel; animation, Ben Mazzotta; dogsledding advisers, Rick Johnson, Annette Johnson, Alan Stewart.
Targeting struggling readers in grades 4-8, the four-page cardstock design encourages students to read about exciting subjects, such as firefighting, wakeboarding and dogsledding, in a format that is less intimidating than textbooks.
These can include various adventures such as snowshoeing, dogsledding with a team of huskies, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, or even ice fishing from a wilderness cabin in the depths of wintry Russia
Judy Waytiuk shows how the resurgence of dogsledding through competitive racing in northern North America is a response to a general feeling that an essential cultural element defining life in Canada and Alaska was quickly reaching extinction.
In fact, Alpine Bakery fruitcake has been used on many adventures, including a Geological Survey of Canada scientific expedition to Mount Logan, Canada's tallest peak, as well as RCMP and dogsledding expeditions.
Four-time Iditarod champion Martin Buser will transport AEC attendees to the wilds of Alaska as they imagine filling his boots in the famous 1,159 mile dogsledding race from Anchorage to Nome.
The village otters cross-country, snowboarding, dogsledding, and snow cat touring.
He and his wife, Tannis, moved to the close-knit community of Clearwater from Alaska several years ago to raise their family and start their dogsledding business.