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Synonyms for dogsled

a sled pulled by dogs

travel with a dogsled


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Gifford's most memorable trip was accompanying a Danish military unit that patrols Greenland's eastern coast on dogsled and cross-country skis.
Victoria Secord, a 14-year-old Alaskan dogsled racer, is determined to qualify for the famed White Wolf Classic.
The Ice Cycle cubes will be unloaded and brought by dogsled to a site designated in cooperation with the government of Greenland.
Needing money to maintain it, he decides to take part in a gruelling cross country dogsled competition.
And we have the exclusive permit to do dogsled guiding in the park.
A previous book documented his year crossing the Arctic alone by foot, paddle, sail, and dogsled.
Geoffrey and Blackader returned to Alert and made dogsled reconnaissances up Clements Markham Inlet and to Floeberg Beach.
Others ensure that transportation around town is accessible--by bus, by van, by dogsled.
However, as a group leader who has completed several dogsled expeditions with groups of 10 to 12 travelers, I can say that the traditional experiences of the Inuit have enormous value, both for the traveler and the Inuit community.
wishing for a dogsled behind the Jack Russell we call Sparks.
Next up is the Beargrease Dogsled Marathon in Duluth, MN (Jan.
The newly married couple departed for their honeymoon on a dogsled and built a life for themselves among the native Alaskans.
Outside Clarence Jackson's Noorvik, Alaska, home a newly-constructed dogsled sits unused.
As part of the sponsorship, Land Rover MENA and Al Tayer Motors have given Elham a 2010 Range Rover Sport to assist her during her gruelling training regime which included pulling the vehicle unaided along a stretch of Jumeirah Beach in Dubai to replicate the motion of pulling a dogsled during her unaided trek across the North Pole.
She will, however, ski up to 200 nautical miles unaccompanied and unassisted, and carry her supplies on a dogsled.