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Add the smell of dogshit and broken sewers and I could almost be back in my kitchen in Monterrey.
But if one judges the film without the fashion, it is equally execrable, a disagreeable mess of dogshit and bedroom farce that a teenager would edit out of a home movie.
Amidst the unbelievable urban awfulness that the English excel at, a tangle of plastic signs and traffic cones, of trash and dogshit, vacant lots and kebab shops, an ugliness originating not from poverty, but from the slight edge of prosperity on poverty that makes discount furniture stores and Woolworths possible?
I know two"--one a chemist's messenger and one who collects dogshit.
Grief has you by the hair with one And with the forceps of its other hand Uses your mouth to trowel the dogshit up; Watches you lift your arms to Heaven; and then Pounces and screws your nose into the filth.
Along the grey iced sidewalk revealed piles of dogshit, papers, bits of old clothing, are the human pledges, call them, "We are here and have been all the time.