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a worker who has to do all the unpleasant or boring jobs that no one else wants to do

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Fishing the Dogsbody dry fly on the upper beats of the River Usk - a key to wonderful happiness
This former Tory turned SNP dogsbody scraped into Holyrood on the South of Scotland regional list and ended up a Government minister - how?
The job of a dogsbody can vary, from lying patiently in the mountains to engaging in play with the dogs.
The book the librarian handed me was called Dogsbody (1975), and it was like nothing I had ever read: funny, touching, political, poetic, wildly inventive.
She displays signs of star quality as the working-class girl who decides to earn a few bob by being a ski resort chalet dogsbody for a family.
Thus was born Dogsbody (a slang term for cheap labor or cannon fodder).
The story goes that Rick started out as tea boy and general dogsbody at the hit-making Stock Aitken Waterman recording studios before he was given his chance behind the microphone.
I said as much to Paul who should be trying to be as nice to me as possible because, since he dislocated his shoulder, I am nothing but his general dogsbody.
Look closely and you'll see Andrea on stage too as Hayrick, a dogsbody to one of the show's more villainous characters.
The leading actors in the title roles, Brian Bedford and Victor Garber, were grand, and sometimes, as required, grandiose; others among the cast of twenty-seven who delivered memorable performances included Eric Stoltz as a deliciously loutish Dion Boucicault, and Zeljko Ivanek as Bedford's traveling companion and dogsbody.
Three things I miss: The close contact with my son, daughter and other family members, the involvement with Dunston UTS Football Club of the Northern League where I was treasurer and general dogsbody for 10+ years, and the good friends I made at the club and people from other clubs in the region.
The youngest apprentice would work in the print room and fulfil the duty of dogsbody.
I eventually found evening jobs, biscuit-packing, enveloping etc, going out when husband arrived home and eventually found a dogsbody job at a school in the district we lived at the time, so I went after children were in school, arrived home before they did.
The ex-Skegness Redcoat, newspaper dogsbody and strip show comedian drifted into showbusiness.
David's new job at a posh salon in town makes his life a misery as he's treated like a dogsbody.