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state as a dogma

speak dogmatically


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What appears as one of the proposals--enriched and sustained by a neoliberal ideological cynicism--is the "myth of individual success", known as entrepreneurship and dogmatized by various recipes for success, such as: desire to be your own boss; know how to face and deal with risks; take the initiative and be optimistic; know the field; be curious; know how to organize; be a leader (Perfil do Empreendedor: http://www.
Poignant passages in Christ Alone Exalted are suggestive of a deep personal involvement with the failure of such piety, and Crisp dogmatized his liberation from the pietist malaise by draining value out of sanctification in preference for an "immanent" construal of justification.
According to many priests, body piercing goes against what is dogmatized in The Bible.
The past never rests in peace: it is always in motion, subject to revision and reinterpretation, dogmatized into eternal truths or splintered into a thousand fragments.
Rosenzweig simply dogmatized that law was necessary and could not explain how that jibed with his insistence that revelation was a partnered activity, one in which we were not to be coerced.
All too many in the Marxist tradition have shrugged off or quietly set aside or (worse) dogmatized this approach, resulting in a deterministic Marxism: history and economics become the powerful "objective factors" which inevitably move forward, regardless of what people think and try to do (which are the secondary and subordinate "subjective factors").
Many Protestants [saw] in Joe McCarthy the lurid image of everything they had come to fear in American Catholicism: like many Catholics he showed a certain disinterest in civil liberties, he demanded conformity to his own set of opinions, he was intolerant of all opposition, he dogmatized endlessly, and he made a shambles of the democratic process by abusing the witnesses who came before his congressional committee.
Those who would see public education shut down, privatized, or dogmatized are well organized and well funded.
According to the churches of the Reformation, Rome's dogmatized claim of primacy makes it one confessional church alongside the others.
15) Beginning as Aristotle's Final Cause, dogmatized by the Scholastics, reinforced by Newton's mechanics, and for a long time gripped in the talons of the Laplacean demon, evolution has traditionally been endowed with absolute progress and direction.
This process of ordering, never really dogmatized in a formal sense among the Plains peoples, is profoundly affected by the visionary experience.
She must listen only with a frankly questioning attitude to the dogmatized opinions of man-made society.
There was a time, even in New York, when the decision to adhere to the figure - or "the image"- required great moral courage, since abstraction was dogmatized as what painting must be, and figuration was denounced as contrary to the imperatives of history.
Proponents as well as opponents of infallibility supposed that, once it was dogmatized, infallible papal pronouncements would be a frequently employed, efficient means of relieving confusions.