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state as a dogma

speak dogmatically


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15) The major themes of Heschel's reflections on Christianity include the dejudaization of Christianity, the desacralization of the Bible, the dogmatization of theology, and the necessity for a common critique of society (for a discussion of the latter, see Section IV, below).
Cardinal Ratzinger, the Vatican's chief doctrinal official, said the encyclical as published contains strongly worded formulas condemning both abortion and euthanasia but stopping short of the "formality of dogmatization.
One thing I'm anxious to talk to you about is a problem connected with the novel, which is about bohemianized people and the dogmatization of ignorance.
Today, relatively few Left intellectuals or activists would defend the disservice we did to Marx with dogmatization that surely sent him spinning in his grave.
Whereas system shows "a priori strong tendencies to dogmatization," worldviews are necessary for "human world orientation and emotional stability," but even they "tend to become rational systems or iron cages that prevent us from existential self-reflection and individual self-determination.