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a stubborn person of arbitrary or arrogant opinions

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2000) "The Skeptic and the Dogmatist," Nous 34(4): 517-49.
In his use of the collective memories of Christianity, he is both a dogmatist and a mystic.
General semanticists ascribe to gray thinking in lieu of the black and white thinking of the dogmatist, who overgeneralizes, creating a stereotypical view of the world.
A modernist dogmatist, Fried buttresses the intent of modernist art to reject all external references and becomes self-referential.
unless one is a dead-end dogmatist who, however taut, probably dares not "swear upon his own life, as to whether or not his beliefs are universally true after all".
Pio Nono, the blundering geopolitician, had won election as the infallible dogmatist.
There's no doubt that he was essentially a scholar when he approached the past and not a dogmatist.
Here the author meets with Victor-Levy Beaulieu (VLB in the Quebec writing community), a staunch separatist and dogmatist.
He is not a dogmatist, generating rules from some high-level theory.
Beyond the specific philosophical perspectives, in Chapter 3 Sanders presents a number of brief perspectives that could be taken on "ethical approaches to journalism," including the cynic, the public relations executive, the deontologist, the professional dogmatist, and the lawyer.
Duke says he's no dogmatist trying to hammer home a religious message.
The empirical scientist becomes a fanatical dogmatist by insisting that random mutation sans any formative principle explains it all.
His critical task is to resolve these conflicts in a way that both satisfies our reason completely yet does not transcend the limits of experience, and thus to show a "third way" between the sceptical/empiricist and dogmatist approaches.