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Synonyms for dogmatism

Synonyms for dogmatism

the intolerance and prejudice of a bigot


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As part of his criticisms of the dogmatism and irrelevance of some self-identified anarchists today Vodovnik (twice) cites Chomsky's remarks regarding anarchist purists 'who with various degrees of fury (often great) denounce those who depart from what they have declared to be the True Principles' (pxix, p200)--a valid criticism of those anarchist groups that follow approaches indistinguishable from any ultra-leftist sect.
This article analyses how cultural production and the cultural industry in China are subject to strong political and economic forces, focusing in particular on how the government's joint efforts in promoting political dogmatism and economic pragmatism have endowed the sector with some unique Chinese characteristics.
I do hope that Prof Cassam won't object to me saying that I don't believe that only one person shot President Kennedy or that anyone has ever landed on the moon and this isn't out of gullibility, closed-mindedness, prejudice or dogmatism but more about realism.
What he takes issue with is dogmatism; both religious dogmatism and atheistic dogmatism.
Nietzsche also includes a poem and an afterword in which he criticizes every philosopher other than himself of dogmatism.
Founded in 1918, KKE remains one of the most rigid communist parties, reflecting the dogmatism of the former Soviet Union before perestroika.
According to the Telegraph, imbued with discipline borne of religious dogmatism it is catering to basic needs in a city that lacks everything from working factories to courts.
But, no sooner had Bahraini citizens been caught in the quagmire of partisan dogmatism than they realized that they had been exploited by anti-Bahrain, anti-Arab hostile entities which can only thrive and feed on conspiracies.
It's time that local councils started to look at saving money at home rather than the stupidity, idealism, dogmatism and proselytising zeal of cutting what some would consider essential services.
Guido et al, (2010) indicated that animosity studies consider socio-psychological variables such as dogmatism, nationalism and internationalism as antecedents of consumer animosity.
We also talked about what has always bothered me about his worknamely, my feeling that his demand for the strict application of reason to the psycho-dynamics of collective human experience might be its own form of dogmatism, which is deaf to the lived experience of the vast majority of humankind.
The Pyrrhonian fights and avoids both kinds of dogmatism by working toward suspension of belief (epoche).
Dogmatism kills innovation, and 21st century library service cannot be effective if dogmatism thrives.
Other responses to dogmatism, fundamentalism, and authoritarianism need development.
Notwithstanding Pope Benedict XVI's suspect celebration of Newman as a paragon of faithful support of the papacy's dogmatism on issues that have failed to pass the test of acceptance by the faithful, one wonders whether the Cardinal Newman Society, that ultra.