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  • noun

Synonyms for dogma

blind faith


  • blind faith
  • certainty
  • unquestioning belief
  • arrogant conviction

Synonyms for dogma

a principle taught or advanced for belief, as by a religious or philosophical group

Synonyms for dogma

a religious doctrine that is proclaimed as true without proof

a doctrine or code of beliefs accepted as authoritative

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We have always looked at Digital Dogma as a well-oiled machine in terms of the production process and technologies we use, but we have a fairly small facility down there, and the 6000 would have been difficult to fit into our location in Santa Fe Springs," Walsh says.
Readers of this column (when it was appearing in another paper) did not have to wait 15 years to be informed that the Dogma was a pyrotechnic or, to put it more bluntly, a plain farce.
Peter Bouteneff, Sweeter than Honey, Orthodox Thinking on Dogmas and Truth, Crestwood, New York, St Vladimir's Seminary Press, 2006, pp.
Even though not all doctrines are dogmas, Catholics are called to give "religious submission" to non-infallible teachings.
Any readers interested should send their poetry to myself, Mark Lane, editor in chief, Dogma Publications, Reference N356, 4 Overstrand Close, Bicester, Oxon OX26 4YP.
While recognising the need for the quango bonfire to include Elwa (in particular) and the Wales Tourist Board, Mr Wigley openly questioned the wisdom (and subtly suggested insanity and dogma as reasons) of dismantling a creation which has served Wales well since its set-up in 1975.
It's obvious, of course, that a certain derangement of Muslim dogma prompted these men into terrible action, but there are also, again, more complicated forces in play, involving (just for starters) the ruinous course of Israeli-Palestinian relations, the deeply antidemocratic and dissent-resistant political traditions of the Middle East, and a Saudi monarchy and gerontocracy propelling many middle-class young men to the religious fringe.
acknowledges risks in the pluralist and diverse cultural avenues to the truth, but he trusts that a mindful awareness of truths, rather than Truth, can lead to healing rather than to the disruption and demonization he finds endemic in dogma and institution.
The assumption of Mary into heaven was declared a dogma in 1950, after waiting 1200 years since the Synod of Salzburg appointed it a feast in 800.
But it nonetheless allowed creationists to position themselves as believers in an alternative scientific theory rather than mere religious dogma.
Despite the overall excellence and accuracy of the translation, several key terms--including dogma (and related expressions), pathos, and phantasia (which I shall not discuss)--are rendered in ways which, perhaps not surprisingly, fit best with the philosophical interpretation favored by Annas and Barnes but which also occlude alternative interpretations.
New data threaten to shake up 30 years of scientific dogma regarding how a cell carries out one of its most basic tasks: the translation of the genetic code into proteins.
All these researchers' efforts--apart from traditional scholarly Bible studies --attempt to demystify Christian beliefs in order that the antiquated and tradition-bound dogma will no longer confuse the modern believer.
Catholic Studies at McGill hopes to confront the presumption that religion belongs in the closet and open such received dogma to rational examination when its program gets underway in September 2001.
10] Consequently, Roman Catholics see their dogma as true to scripture and as expressing the gospel of salvation, even if not explicitly.