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The dragon is doglike, and indeed there's a long wordless sequence of Pete and his pet at play (flying, climbing trees, gazing at the stars as the sun sets) adding to the sense of lazy, idyllic rural life, like a film from an earlier time -- though the dragon is goofy as well, briefly fascinated by a butterfly and apparently engrossed in chasing his own tail at one point.
Chased by wolves deep into the forest, Pete comes face-to-face with a giant, green, doglike creature whom he decides to call Elliot.
The stories are what they need to be, and if that involves a doglike alien's wordless meeting with a shepherd, so be it.
Ultimately, these brigands both emulate the doglike Blatant Beast and externalize Calidore's Petrarchism, which ravishes the shepherds, distances him from Pastorella, and threatens the very fabric of pastoral poetry.
Compensating for the latter is a face of extraordinary mobility, capable of delivering (although "it did not seem to move a muscle") in "a single grimace the finest shades of irresolution, revulsion, doglike devotion, catlike discretion, fatigue, hunger, thirst and reserves of strength.
Archaeologists have unearthed fossils from doglike animals in both Europe and Siberia that date to more than 30,000 years ago.
The earliest known doglike fossils come from Europe.
Periods of the Mesozoic Era Examples of Dinosaurs PERIOD From That Period Description Triassic The doglike, meat-eating The first dinosaurs Cynognothus; the long- appeared near the 251 million to necked, plant-eating end of this period.
1) Describing "The Gold-Bug" as offering a "beatific vision of slavery," Leonard Cassuto describes Jupiter as "a typical Sambo: a laughing and japing comic figure whose doglike devotion is matched only by his stupidity" (160).
13) Huxley's work on a species of cynocephalus (apes with doglike heads) in his seminal Man's Place in Nature (1863) synthesized the human's anatomical function with that of the dog (Figure 2) most explicitly in its representation of a seemingly genuine hybrid between human's closest animal relative (the ape) and the canine (the animal long considered as "man's best friend").
He is thus a hero of the oxymoronic type proper to that poetic mode: typically a "noble simpleton, mature child, [or] doglike human" who seeks "control over the universe via omnipotent modes of thought" (1147).
Timang means 'tiger' and this is the name of a very powerful protective spirit mostly depicted as a doglike animal.
We find out from their conversation, accompanied by markedly doglike behavior, that they await a competitive exam that will decide who will win the K7 collar and join an elite antiterrorist brigade.
When he first arrived he was terrified of all strangers and spoke no proper language; he could only utter doglike howls and screams".
The doglike bats of the genus Peropteryx Peters, 1867, are restricted to the Neotropics and currently five species are recognized (Lim et al.