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motherless calf in a range herd of cattle


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She is playful in giving voice to the dog and seagull, as well as Dogie, Signe, and Mr.
Sure enough, the dictionary said a dogie is a stray calf.
And I will recall the people in that circle in New Orleans and the victims and families affected all over the country, and Barbara Blain and David Clohessy, cofounders of SNAP, and Tom Dogie.
The TACB is exposed in Big Bend National Park around the western base of the Chisos Mountains from Dogie Mountain in the north to the Gauging Station in the south, and Lajitas Mesa, just outside the Park, on the west (Fig.
Getting out of the car with Dogie my Rottweiler, I knew that this first night outside of Tucson marked the end of a kind of peace, the sun and sky that left humans in awe of things not often remarked upon or known: the precise grasp of a Harris hawk; the summer dance of the tarantulas; the wolf spider pulsing in the corner of a room; the wail of the Colorado river toads after August monsoons; footprints left in the dirt by the night-time wandering of the Javelina; long-backed lizards pressed against the windows; and coyotes searching for kill as bulldozers devoured the Sonoran Desert.
blasphemy that's what this is but for politics' sake the show must go on but whoa whoa dogie, this boy, this new one, i know from san diego, good son, good skin, good eyes, indeed a santo to behold, but my tribute diarrhears its ugly head
But the Aussie, who was on 37 at the time, had added only seven more when he unleashed an optimistic heave at Neil Smith and Dogie Brown sprinted in from the long-on boundary to hold a superb sprawling catch.
TMM 42952-113: Devil's Graveyard Formation, in an assemblage correlative with the Whistler's Squat Local Fauna (Runkel 1988), Dogie Mountain, Brewster County, Texas.
Also called dobe, dobie, dobby, doby, adaubi, adabe, dogie.
Burly yet graceful, Brooks stumbled, pirouetted, leapt and waltzed his way around the stage, wrestling his guitar as if subduing a willful dogie.
Later, the picture reverses: fleetingly, the threesome meshes into groupings that evoke the Three Graces; an incident reminiscent of hog-tying a dogie recurs.