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Synonyms for doghouse

outbuilding that serves as a shelter for a dog

an idiomatic term for being in disfavor

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Then three weeks later another picture was sent showing the doghouse ripped to shreds by the teeth and toenails of a dog.
For the remaining good guys, this humble holiday serves as a gentle reminder that when it comes to the dreaded doghouse, staying out -- is a whole lot easier than getting out.
e Samsung Dream Doghouse will be on display at Crufts from today until Sunday at the NEC in Birmingham, Hall 3, stand 72.
Responding to criticism, DogHouse Diaries said: "We didn't have an agenda with this map besides revealing interesting things about different countries.
The Doghouse is among the oldest nomadic clubs in the country.
I was looking for a safe doghouse for three years before I found him.
The whole thorny issue of BFF competitive friendships is tackled creatively in "Bernadette in the Doghouse," and solutions that are crafted may resonate significantly with a young female readership who face similar problems.
Wright drew a triangular doghouse to go with the home he designed for the family in California.
What we did was make a doghouse into a chicken coop (below).
Turning back to the veranda of his owners' house, he whines and wags his tail, showing that he's not at all useless on his chain by the doghouse and that he certainly works hard.
THIS week we have a 40" Sony Bravia LCD TV, Blu-ray player, Doghouse on Blu-ray, PLUS 40 additional Blu-ray titles up for grabs to celebrate the release of the movie, out now courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.
Summary: Danny Dyer is in a bit of a tight spot in Doghouse.
The freshman from West Memphis toyed with John Pelphrey's patience all season and finished up the year in the doghouse for the basketball Hogs, who could have used his scoring against Florida in their one game in the SEC Tournament.
A laminated Baltic birch plywood doghouse that is based on the firm's One Jackson Square building, a West Village luxury condominium.
He also decided that he should test temperature in three places: on the surface of the doghouse roof, six inches above the roof, and inside the doghouse.