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an elementary swimming stroke imitating a swimming dog

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Now that summer is coming to a close, let's look back and remember all the fun times we had enjoying the summer heat and cooling off in the water even if you aren't an active water athlete you probably enjoy a swim every once in a while so while we're all taking it easy with the doggy paddle let's take a moment to appreciate some of the craziest, coolest and in some cases, riskiest, water sports in the world.
But it wasn't the flashy surroundings that put a mega-watt smile on her face - it was being at Kai's side as he finally managed the doggy paddle.
And by the end of our two-day stay at the hotel, Iona was doing an enthusiastic doggy paddle across the width of the pool.
Just to make it that bit harder, they were not allowed to swim using conventional strokes, with officials insisting they doggy paddle or hold their arms out in front.
As soon as the wave crests behind me, I start to doggy paddle.
Mrs Carter told the jury, sitting at Leeds Coroners' Court, how her daughter was only able to perform the doggy paddle in water.
He then managed to doggy paddle to the Sandhills Islands groyne and climbed onto it.
Newfoundland dogs use breaststroke rather than doggy paddle and, while they are not the fastest of swimmers, their large lung capacity helps them cover extreme distances.
When I was wee, I was shoved in at the deep end and I've been doing an erratic version of the doggy paddle ever since.
After much soul searching, three chewy sticks, two blood samples and an agility test that included two lengths of doggy paddle at the local swimming pool, Buddha's mojo thankfully returned and we could all relax once more.
I just tried to do a doggy paddle, and when I got tired just kick my legs to keep afloat.
Doing the doggy paddle has given her the strength to be able to walk.
Pets will be showing off their best doggy paddle moves in the event staged by the Rainsbrook Veterinary Group, in Leamington.
The reason why he's so good at life-saving is that Newfoundlands don't doggy paddle they use their webbed feet to do a mixture of doggy paddle and breast stroke.
45pm FRONT CRAWL, breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke, doggy paddle, blah blah blah, writes Michael Brear.