doggy bag

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a bag for food that a customer did not eat at a restaurant

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We spotted plenty of other families, as well as those who had come from a stroll in nearby Kelvingrove Park - which is where we headed to afterwards to work off our lunch, clutching our doggy bag.
Charaf Elmoudden and an accomplice allegedly made off with the stash which included iPhones, Apple Mac computers, a Fifty Shades of Grey handbag worth PS2,682 and a Louis Vuitton doggy bag.
The survey also revealed that Tasmanians are the most embarrassed of any state when asking for restaurant leftovers with 22 percent confessing that they wouldn't ask for a doggy bag, even when they wanted one.
This, too, was an enormous portion, so big, in fact, that we asked for a doggy bag to take half of it home.
You could get fined 50 euros for not carrying a doggy bag and a shovel.
GERI Halliwell is pampering a new four-legged friend - with her very own doggy bag.
LIL' BOW WOW is back leading the pack with Doggy Bag (So So Def), the successor to his multiplatinum debut, Beware of Dog.
Since then both my dog and I have done our best to uphold Swiss doggy bag rules, and although I was a little put off by them at first, a recent visit to Paris and its not so doody-free sidewalks makes me appreciate the, little baggies all the more.
The title of Ronald Sukenick's new volume of fiction suggests a collection of pieces that could not be consumed at the right time, but Doggy Bag is by no means as miscellaneous as that sounds.
When you cross the finish line, you'll receive a fantastic jam-packed doggy bag for you and your dog to enjoy and reflect on the wonderful achievement.
You need to have doggy bags if you are out with your pooch The majority of the rules are already in force, but a new rule about ensuring you have a doggy bag or other means to dispose of dog poo when you are out with a dog has been created within the public space protection orders.
A party of pugs on the Acorns Dog Walk, and (left) Superdog Alfie's |looking forward to collecting his doggy bag of treats
So, you can now ask for a doggy bag in restaurants anywhere in the world.
In Scotland - not so much " When I put the concept of asking for a doggy bag to my own mental acid test - doing it in front of my dad - I find myself coming up short as I picture his furious face.