doggy bag

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a bag for food that a customer did not eat at a restaurant

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The first 3,000 Bow Wow fans arriving at the venue with own copy of Doggy Bag will be admitted to the Fan Appreciation Concert.
In a study 25% of Brits say they would be too embarrassed to ask for a doggy bag and it does not appear to be a habit that will catch on in the UK, thank goodness.
Helmed by So So Def production wizard Jermaine Dupri, Doggy Bag is filled with new Bow Wow jams and guest artists including "Get Up" (featuring Fundisha), "Thank You" (featuring Jagged Edge and Fundisha), "Take Ya Home" (produced by The Neptunes and featuring Khim Davis and Aaliyah Minter), "All I Know" (featuring Lil Corey), "The Wickedest," "Pick Of The Litter" (featuring R.
There will be a free prize draw and doggy bag for every entrant as well as face painting and a fancy dress competition.
For the first time ever, we could hear a diva ask for a doggy bag
His companion carried a doggy bag of leftovers from the meal.
But there was too much food and, in typical American style, the star asked for a doggy bag.
Elle loves Bruiser, her chihuahua, but we're hearting this doggy bag (5) from Oasis, pounds 22.
It was in stark contrast to my own 30th, when I had to wait at Glasgow's Queen Street taxi rank in the rain, wearing a pair ofplastic heart-shaped sunglasses and carrying a doggy bag of half-eaten fajitas.
Which makes it even more curious that after eating lunch with his mum in a swanky West Hollywood eaterie, he must have asked for a doggy bag so he can finish his tasty tucker at home.
You can enjoy a meal and take half home in a doggy bag for tomorrow if it was a very large portion.
ROD STEWART got his money's worth at Langan's Brasserie by taking half his dinner home in a doggy bag.
But he clearly hadn't had enough to eat because the poor boy had to take home a doggy bag.
And mourners can look forward to a treat - a doggy bag of food to remember him by.
He has also had made a royal doggy bag with a picture of a corgi wearing a crown for the European Institute of Design show.