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quietly in concealment

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In his second premiere, nodrog doggo, seven males with lights attached to their hands resembled a wedge of motorcyclists on a nighttime foray.
No self-pity, no "poor little me"-just a starkly honest account of how he climbed up all the ladders from non-racing son of a steel-fixer to become apprentice champion and then, with the world lying doggo at his feet, he proceeded to slide headlong down every available snake.
You could sing like Chaliapin you could fight like Alexander Nevsky but you might as well lie doggo and just pray for snow like Sergei Mikhailovich in Alma Alta.
A Colonial Office clerk minuted, "The outlook is an anxious one for Hong Kong but our best chance of saving the New Territories is to lie doggo and assume that the lease will run its normal course (another 70 years).
They may lie doggo for years but inevitably, they resurface to plague and confuse mankind.
x Daughter Ann, soninlaw Adam, granddaughter Ruth, brother Bob and doggo George B.
And because they have been lying doggo in their pools, they have recovered their strength and fight like veritable demons.
Here, at Worcester, the play lies resolutely doggo refusing to sit up and beg.
The circumstantial evidence against me is strong, in that V will say it was all my doing and I will lie doggo for a while, but I am only concerned about the children.
Instead of anglers having to get their flies down 20ft and 30ft to reach trout which were lying doggo near the bottom, they were taking fish on the surface at the weekend.