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informal terms for dogs

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She pays for her doggies to travel with her first class on a whim.
Co-owner Kerry Brown said: "At D Pet Hotels, we are all about the doggies.
So many doggies are used to having a TV, a comfy bed, and so our goal is to really create a home away from home for doggies.
She added: "When a doggie is away from their parents, it can be a little nerve-wracking, and to be with a ton of dogs all day is pretty stressful sometimes.
It's fun to be with people that have doggies and are dog nuts,'' she said.
They have doggie Prozac,'' another woman chimes in.
The group solicited donations, and the Doggies Company, which is based in North Carolina, agreed to sell their protective eyewear to the group at wholesale prices.
A Doggies Company spokesman said the firm has been contacted several times--mostly by veterinarians in Iraq where protecting the eyes of the MWDs can be a problem.
Besides obtaining Doggies, another project for the group is getting boots to protect the dogs' feet from the hot sand.
The artfully large printed text is simply the title repeated, plus one surprise word/object, paired with lovely, sensitively drawn dramatic pictures of doggies and dinosaurs for clear contrast and progression of excitement.
FAVORITE DAILY TASK: ``Hanging out with the doggies.
A morning watching doggie Frisbee at Brookside Park in Pasadena.