doggie bag

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a bag for food that a customer did not eat at a restaurant

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Come along to the event, sponsored by the Derwent Valley Partnership, and receive a free armband containing doggie bags.
If you're not hungry and don't want a doggie bag, Keim suggests bringing a friend and ordering an entree "family style," which basically means the plate gets dropped in the center of the table and you and your dining partner get to fight it out.
I'm surprised how long it took me to realize that restaurant doggie bags and to-go boxes pose a serious problem.
Forced to ask for a doggie bag from a nearby cafe, the owner invited her to go with him to an English lesson he attended.
Pedigree's Christmas lines also include a Doggie Bag (rsp 1.
Says the spokesman: "We wanted to compete not just by getting a new product on the shelf, but also with value-added packaging," which would help legitimate Doggie Bag Treats' high price point.
Leave some food on your plate and ask for a doggie bag.
That Saturday night, however, I compounded my mistake by bringing home a doggie bag containing two steak bones from our night out at Ponderosa.
On Wednesday, July 4(th) with every child's paid admission, kids ages 3-11 will get a free "Snoopy's Doggie Bag," filled with a Hoffy hot dog, a bag of Lay's potato chips, a Pepsi soft drink and yummy Knott's Berry Farm Premium shortbread cookies.
Send a doggie bag to the relevant journalist to get their attention and show them how brilliant your products are.
DOGS and their owners will have the chance to meet the new North Warwickshire dog warden and collect a free doggie bag of goodies during National Poop Scoop Week, which starts on Monday.
When eating out, split an entree with a friend or ask for a doggie bag up front so you can portion out the proper amounts before you start eating.
May 27: Serious Suds, Junkyard Doggie Bag, Total Recall, Eye Bath & Happy Couple (http://www.
com)-- An innovative new product designed to bring great convenience to pet owners, the Ray Doggie Bag, has been developed by Jean Ray of Chicago, Illinois.
Entry fee for the event on Sunday, May 8, is pounds 5 and each dog will receive a free doggie bag filled with treats.