doggerel verse

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a comic verse of irregular measure

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First, there is a brief caption beneath the vignette that announces, in doggerel verse, the image's didactic theme: "By the Spanish tyranny, in this space displayed, / All the world's nations are rightly dismayed.
Lord Curzon's long career in and out of politics not only generated an abundance of anecdotes and doggerel verse, but also a vast assortment of historical material.
The writers are by turns turgid, pedestrian, precious, and abruptly colloquial ("ego bene merdarem in vestram poetriam," 1:3); neither their prose nor, more strikingly, their doggerel verse shows a trace of standard rules for accent and prosody.
The drawings appeared as a series of chromolithographed prints in a book called A Happy Pair showing a pair of delightful rabbits out shopping and with doggerel verse by Frederic Weatherly.
It says something for the convivial spirit of the club during the 1920s that even a member as dour as Vincent Massey could make a name as a Great Hall wit, known for his inspired doggerel verses.
Celebrating the tale of a closer-than-usual relationship between the family of the house and their servants, the original 'upstairs, downstairs' story comes alive in a series of witty portraits with doggerel verses.
But it's the doggerel verses in the Toast to the Lassies and the Response that catches most people's imagination, as it is the chance to poke fun at other guests and score points against the opposite sex in often completely made-up "broad" Scots.