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a comic verse of irregular measure

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But then I couldn't, with any respect for her, tell her the trout's message, or, with any respect for myself, recall those atrocious doggerel lines.
During the execution of this sonorous doggerel, Richard kept time with his whip on the mane of his charger, accompanying the gestures with a corresponding movement of his head and body.
A short pause, and he shouted out a few doggerel rhymes--the last he had ever learned.
Not since the greatest poetry prize on offer evaded the clutches of William McGonagall, Pam Ayres or Benny Hill has there been such a dogfight in the world of doggerel.
As a passionate plea on the behalf of the earth its heart is in the right place but its important message is conveyed in a text that veers between twee platitudes and strident green propaganda, cast into doggerel verse, set to music of numbing banality.
Celebrating the tale of a closer-than-usual relationship between the family of the house and their servants, the original 'upstairs, downstairs' story comes alive in a series of witty portraits with doggerel verses.
What I really meant is that I got bored and turned to doggerel to amuse colleagues.
A Better Class of Doggerel, written by Jan Price, of Aberaman, Rhondda Cynon Taf, is available at Aberdare Library and the area's central market.
A British sailor and farmer who makes a habit of following the wake of writers, Maldwin and his wife Gilly set sail in 1996 to follow Lear (1812-88), who toured Italy; illustrated the landscape, primarily the coast, in drawings and paintings; and recorded his experiences in his diary and classic poetic doggerel.
His delivery is wonderful, and he skewers the idea of generating doggerel for commercial use, as he creates a jingle "to be sung as a sea chantey" on the wonders of Viagra.
I suspect it is because we are so bad at expressing our feelings that we prefer to rely on mass-produced doggerel to do it for us.
True, Grant does get to recite the famed bit of doggerel - ``They seek him here, they seek him there/ The Frenchies seek him everywhere/ Is he in heaven?
Why was it, I wonder, that as I struggled out again through the city traffic that that line of childhood doggerel kept coming back into my mind:
The writers are by turns turgid, pedestrian, precious, and abruptly colloquial ("ego bene merdarem in vestram poetriam," 1:3); neither their prose nor, more strikingly, their doggerel verse shows a trace of standard rules for accent and prosody.
Art Spiegelman's first book since Maus is a pet project: the rescue of a long bit of 1926 doggerel he found in a used-book store (mark of a true bibliophile: he was attracted by the spine) and has now relaunched with his own artwork.