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with obstinate determination


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He isn't like the others," Aynesworth protested doggedly.
The Tahitians were plainly awed by the silence and gloom and mystery of the place and happening, but they showed themselves doggedly unafraid, and were for pushing on.
The end result is that as doggedly as Davis worked to help Simon win the primary, he now unwittingly contributes as much to the possibility of a Simon upset in November.
Nor will it restore the authority of the special counsel who has been doggedly pursuing him.
And for good reason: He's affable, he enjoys widespread name recognition and he's twice won elected office as a Republican in a city that's doggedly Democratic.
A satisfactory result for the officers who worked so doggedly to arrest them.
If ``A Beautiful Mind'' too often smooths the edges of a difficult life (Nash's bisexuality and divorce from his wife are ignored), Crowe doggedly resists resorting to acting cliches to show the man's pain and terror.
Watford had defended doggedly and it looked as though they would get only their second win in the last 20 games thanks to a goal five minutes before the break from Craig Ramage, his 11th of the season.
Now they can prove that their commitment to upholding the law is truly nonpartisan by investigating a Democratic administration as doggedly as they pursued the Republican Quackenbush.
So they have doggedly fought against letting the trucking provision of NAFTA take effect, and their Democratic allies in Congress are happily doing their bidding.
Labour justice spokesman James Kelly said: "The SNP have cut money from vital charities and services while doggedly pursuing the Football Act at every turn.
Mrs Justice Simler said Peter and Elizabeth Skelton, aged 83 and 81, "fought doggedly and continuously" to get police to reinvestigate Robert Trigg over their daughter Susan Nicholson's death.
She said Mr and Mrs Skelton had fought doggedly for the police to reinvestigate her death, classified as non-suspicious at the time.
Mrs Justice Simler said Peter and Elizabeth Skelton had "fought doggedly and continuously" to get police to reinvestigate Robert Trigg over daughter Susan Nicholson's death.
IAN Westwood doggedly rode his luck to make 127 and put Warwickshire in command of their Specsavers County Championship match against Durham at Chester-le-Street.