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Synonyms for dogfight

a fiercely disputed contest

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disorderly fighting

an aerial engagement between fighter planes

a violent fight between dogs (sometimes organized illegally for entertainment and gambling)

arrange for an illegal dogfight

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engage in an aerial battle with another fighter plane

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FLYBOYS Squadron Mac is an ideal game for people who enjoy the challenge of flying and the strategy of dogfighting," said retired USAF pilot and CEO of iEntertainment, J.
Los Angeles County sheriff's Detective Bobby Beals, who also consults other law enforcement agencies in dogfighting and cockfighting investigations, said there are two kinds of dogfights: street dogfights and organized fights staged by underground rings.
They also note, correctly, that a premeditated plan to finance and sponsor an activity as despicable as dogfighting is not simply a "mistake," but a mind-boggling moral lapse.
I am not in the camp of people who think that dogfighting deserves this much of our attention.
I've come to learn the hard way that dogfighting is a dead-end street.
The spectator admission fees and gambling dollars finance these criminal operations and make dogfighting and cockfighting profitable.
As the rest of the nation rang in 2013 with fireworks and glasses of champagne with friends and family, a small village in China's Shanxi province did something else: it organized a dogfighting competition to celebrate the New Year.
Manila More than 300 pit bulls were seized and eight South Korean nationals were arrested on Friday in an illegal dogfighting facility in Laguna province.
10) This event in July 2009 was hailed as the largest bust of a dogfighting ring in U.
In a powerful reaffirmation of the First Amendment, the court struck down a federal law that criminalized videos of dogfighting and other forms of animal cruelty, saying the law violated free speech rights protected under the Bill of Rights.
But the sporting star was exposed as part of the cruel, underground world of dogfighting during a BBC undercover investigation in 2007.
Disgraced NFL star Michael Vick made his first public appearance for the Philadelphia Eagles and expressed remorse for bankrolling a dogfighting ring, an offense that sent him to prison.
The game also features: -- The best full 3-D, complete-control, dogfighting combat environment available -- Microtransactions to buy items and supplies for your plane -- Fly 30 missions of increasing difficulty, from novice to insane -- Fly 10 advanced aircraft, including stealth fighters -- 3D graphics rivaling handheld console game-quality including the 'stunt camera' view from which you can see the dogfighting action from above -- 360-degree environment with realistic flight controls using the accelerometer -- Utilize multiple weapons such as radar guided missiles, heat seeking missiles and 20mm miniguns -- Compete one-on-one or two-on-two over WiFi with pilots from around the world -- Make private rooms and dogfight with your friends
After a simulator practise and a brief aerodynamics lesson, their instructor shows them how to fly straight before passing on some basic dogfighting moves, to familiarise them with the G-forces.
The fact that he went out and acquired more dogs following his initial conviction shows the extent of his obsession with dogfighting.