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Synonyms for dogfight

a fiercely disputed contest

Related Words

disorderly fighting

an aerial engagement between fighter planes

a violent fight between dogs (sometimes organized illegally for entertainment and gambling)

arrange for an illegal dogfight

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engage in an aerial battle with another fighter plane

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Section II describes modern dogfighting, particularly in relation to three subgroups of dogfighters (professionals, hobbyists, and street fighters), as well as harms associated with the crime.
72) They are supported by a clandestine subculture of dogfighters and spectators.
Dogfighters can generally be categorized in one of three ways:
Doing so allows dogfighters to continue their barbaric "breed-specific" sport, while well-meaning activists assure that no legislation designed to provide breed-specific care and ownership standards is enacted.
With dollar signs in their eyes, dogfighters will be at each other's throats.
Newspapers refuse to accept adverts for pitbulls so breeders and dogfighters have invented a code to let potential buyers and sellers know what they are looking for.
Because the injuries sustained by fighting dogs are so obvious to the trained eye, many dogfighters have homemade veterinary kits consisting of a variety of needles and medicines.
KIDDERMINSTER Harriers boss Jan Molby has warned his players that the fight to retain their Football League status may go to the wire after this disappointing defeat against relegation dogfighters Carlisle United.
City's tense draw at relegation dogfighters Walsall leaves the Maine Road men five points adrift from the top and Keegan admits: "It's starting to look good for Wolves.
Once this nile was established, the light weight dogfighters were hopelessly outclassed by the much faster opposition.
As I said before, prosecuting dogfighters is not high on my list priorities.
This year's focus is on Naval Aviation in Space, The Last of the Dogfighters, and the future of naval aviation.
Many are severely scarred and wounded - the obvious discards of local dogfighters.
And Tia Torres, who operates a pit bull rescue shelter in Agua Dulce that takes in the ragged victims of the dogfighting trade, said that convincing dogfighters to change their ways would be futile.