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formerly the chief magistrate in the republics of Venice and Genoa

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The Likeness of Venice: A Life of Doge Francesco Foscari, 1373-1457.
The Doges are depicted in their complexity as historical subjects, but their tragic downfalls culminate in both cases with the threat of the effacement of this complexity from the record of history.
Dogaresse were remembered primarily in the works of later writers who drew on legends that had grown especially around two disgraced doges, Marino Falier (1354-55) and Francesco Foscari (1423-55).
Visitors to the Doges Palace in Venice can now see the recently restored Apartment of the Doges - rulers of Venice from the seventh through the 18th centuries - including rooms that had previously been open only for special exhibitions.
Doges Foscari and Barbarigo, whose tenures coincided with the Porta della Carta and the Torre dell'Orologio, respectively, incorporated their own images into the monuments, a reflection of the forceful personalities of both men.
Next door is the Doge's Palace, occupied by a succession of doges (grand dukes) who ruled Venice until Napoleon muscled in.
And it is no accident that Titian or Veronese are more famous today than all the Doges of Venice, because the ethos of Venice as realized in their very achievement, whatever the subject matter of particular paintings, stil l lives, long after the Venetian empire, its merchants and navies, have melted into oblivion.
In accordance with the imperial title assumed by doges after the conquest of Constantinople in 1204 -- "Doge of Venice.
The two theaters, as we know particularly from Mangini's work, belonged to Ettore Tron and to Alvise Michiel, members of patrician families that had both produced doges, although the Tron were relative latecomers to such an honored state.
The church used by the nuns, called now the chapel of San Tarasio, abutts onto a southern section of the choir in the main church, and it is above the tenth-century crypt that is the burial place of eight early doges.
2] A centuries-old, symbiotic relationship between the nuns and their numerous friends in high places -- doges, emperors, popes, Venetian senators, wealthy ecclesiastics, and devout laypersons -- had been summarily dismissed.
39) This day has been designated for the wedding of the doges granddaughter.
Yet Barbaro's designing of the iconographical program for the Doges Palace ceilings of 155354 and his presumed programming of the sophisticated content of the Villa Maser decorations, offer opportunities for more specific study.
As a commander in the war and as doge of Venice after 1523, Andrea Gritti was the foremost proponent of this strategy, earning for himself the appellation of "Fabius Maximus," the Roman general who opposed Hannibal by delay and defense in the Second Punic War.
The Venetian printmaker Giacomo Franco produced several engravings for the 1597 coronation of Morosina Morosini, the wife of doge Marin Grimani (1595-1605).