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formerly the chief magistrate in the republics of Venice and Genoa

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If you have any spare DOGE or would like to donate your DOGEcoins to the pool, you can do so at the following address: DSjEUE5CFoNrX1B7EibM5TeUziPNHZoePZ.
According to The Verge, Flappy Doge, is just as hard as the mobile game, doesn't include any ads to interfere with the experience and is free to play.
In 1171 a new crisis developed that led to the murder of the still-powerful Doge.
49, gathered into a recent book, La saga dei Foscari (2005), provide accurate and accessible biographies of the doge and his family, while Girgensohn's prosopographical study of some forty Venetian nobles active in the early Quattrocento details the careers of many of Foscari's contemporaries.
Recent commentators have noted that the play is a fundamentally ambiguous representation of the conflict of opposing ideologies both within the play and within the Doge himself.
Another may be its dark, sombre tale of the tragic, heroic title character, the Doge of Venice: a friend of the people, yet hated by the upper class, he is also betrayed by his wife, Elena, who has committed adultery with his nephew, Fernando.
The main building of the Hotel Danieli is the original 14th century palace of Doge Dandolo's family, a lavishly appointed Venetian gothic landmark.
Equipment list includes Doge dump truck, pile driving barge, smaller barge, and two trailers-one for the barge and one for pile driver.
The opening chapter, based on the written oath of office (promissione ducale) taken by each doge after his election, discusses his wife's legal position.
Corporate Properties Associates 12 (CPA[R]: 12) acquired a newly constructed manufacturing and distribution warehouse facility from a leading manufacturer of consumer goods packaging products in Fort Doge, IA.
It was home to the doge (or duke), but also housed all the offices and arms of government and, in its basement, the prisons.
And no one is more excited about participating in Darlington Raceway's first-ever full weekend of night racing than Ryan Newman, driver of the #12 Alltel Doge.
This carefully researched, thoughtfully organized work suggests that the renovatio urbis of Venice, a term usually associated with the splendor promulgated by the sixteenth-century Doge Andrea Gritti and expressed first by Jacopo Sansovino and then Andrea Palladio, began in spirit and in stone in the preceding century.
The Doge Caliber is the first of a range of Dodge cars coming to Ireland over the next few years.
There are signs on many of the walls, with arrows pointing to the city's highlights, including the Doge's Palace just off the Piazza San Marco, built as a residence for early Venetian rulers, called doges.