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a cart drawn by a dog

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Juliot, the White Hart Inn he stopped at for refreshment--this is the self-same inn "smiling nigh" of "St Launce's Revisited"--and the dogcart he hired at the White Hart for his onward journey.
Now the children's father had issued orders that no one was to climb those stairs because the roof above the coach-house was unsafe, so that a disobedient child might at any moment be precipitated with a cascade of outworn lath and plaster on to the brougham or dogcart below, or even on to grandmother's phaeton, shrouded in dust-sheets, its upturned shafts mutely imploring.
The Santler 3 1 /2 HP Dogcart, a pioneering model of its era and still capable of doing between ten and 12mph, is being put up for auction next month and is expected to fetch an estimated pounds 80,000.
After their first encounter in the dark, in which they exchange whispered quotations from 'The Love Song of Har Dyal', Bisesa the next day makes an assignation with Trejago by means of an object-letter tossed into his dogcart as he drives to his office.
My power is absolute, everything there belongs to one man now, who once, a student from Wilno, arrived there in a dogcart.
Then the dwarf in his dogcart was suddenly there, bringing up the rear and staring at Hunt with kohl-rimmed eyes that commanded, held him fixed on the spot, unable to avert his gaze--the little man in his cart so different from Hunt's father, who was tall, relaxed, and casually dressed with an open-collared shirt beneath his gabardine jacket.