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Synonyms for dog-tired

drained of energy or effectiveness

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Such luxuries are enough to make even the most dog-tired customers feel like Penthouse Pets.
Still, when you're dog-tired and bone idle, you can't really complain.
Tom Hanks (right) leads dog-tired soldiers in Steven Spielberg's epic WWII rescue mission.
DOGS running in circles, dogs in cages, dogs in cramped cubicles, dogs looking dog-gone dog-tired.
About as much imagination has gone into the making of ``After the Sunset'' as is evident in the movie's dog-tired premise.
POOR little Scamp was dog-tired after he followed an ambulance containing his master TWO MILES through city centre traffic.
God love him, he's working hard and sometimes when you're dog-tired you don't care about anything other than going to sleep.
We have to try to MAKE more time for them, even when we're dog-tired.
We're both dog-tired from chasing this guy, and I hear Dave over my headset.
At the end of a back-breaking day we staggered to the car with two dog-tired but very happy children, the remnants of a picnic andahandful of whatmight possibly be fossils on a good day and with a little imagination.
Sometimes I am up all night talking to friends and then I am dog-tired and can't get into my work.