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having the approximate size of an average dog

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Among specimens on show are the dawn horses ( remains of dog-sized ancestors to modern horses and not seen by the public for 50 years.
A muntjac, by the way, is a dog-sized deer native to Indian and south-east Asia, though for some reason they are rampant in the fields between Lambourn and Wantage.
These were not the massive creatures of popular imagination, but a dog-sized dinosaur called the Cheirotherium.
On the animal side, early forms of many modern mammals had evolved, including hippopotamus-like herbivores, dog-sized horses, lemur-like primates and toothless anteater look-alikes.
A tiny relative of the dreaded Tyrannosaurus Rex, the dog-sized monster had blade-like teeth to eat small prey, a tail for balance and proto-type feathers for insulation.
If you've seen the pictures - they were all over the internet yesterday - you'll have gritted your teeth and stared for ages at the spectre of a dog-sized rat being held by the tail, with its neck entrapped and eyes wide in wild death stare.
Washington, Mar 25 (ANI): A dog-sized, vegetarian animal that lived 260 million years ago in Brazil might have used its fierce-looking saber-teeth to ward off predators and in battles over territory, according to a new study.
Tipping the small, closed tray by accident while trying to open my car door resulted in a dog-sized pool of vinegar on the floor.
It was a dog-sized meat eater that lived 228 million years ago.
Entrants were also eligible to win a weekly prize of an HGTV Doggy Dream Home (a dog-sized replica of the Grand Prize) and a certificate for Beneful(TM) brand dog food by Purina, a prize package with a retail value of $780.
Doghouse designers - local architects, interior designers, set decorators and artists - have whipped up a wild collection of dog-sized homes.
One of the larger teeth appears to have come from a previously unknown dog-sized mammal, which Schoch has named Mingotherium holtae, after the Black Mingo fossil layer, where the tooth was found.
Thanks to the local fox population, convenient dog-sized holes have punctured the hedgerows and big old Gordon has been turning the holes into even bigger ones.
The adorable six-year-old terrier even has her very own dog-sized tankbag and was goggle-eyed at all the attention she received during the outing.
When the bones were put together correctly, the Smithsonian had a dog-sized Triceratops.