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Synonyms for dog-eared

worn or shabby from overuse or (of pages) from having corners turned down


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I once took half a dozen paperback books in mint condition to one of these shops then was expected to pay pounds 3 for a dog-eared book.
Michael Atchison's 'Word for Word' is available from Dog-Eared Publishing, PO Box 236, Stirling SA 5152 (RRP $10.
So with their passion for Bar-B-Q and a dog-eared collection of homemade recipes, they went on to create a dining experience in the tradition of the South's great hometown Bar-B-Q shacks.
THEY'RE being touted as America's next Chemical Romance but ex-Blink 182 mainman Tom DeLonge's rockers are rooted deeper in the past than that, and their sophomore set suggests they may have a dog-eared copy of the U2 song-book somewhere in the studio.
They consider your magazine a resource, and the issues are always dog-eared by the end of the month.
With its moth-eaten, pink satin upholstery and dog-eared appearance, daubed with swastikas, it was only a chance thought that stopped her throwing it way.
If you ever found yourself wanting to trade a dozen Stuart Scotts for one dog-eared Kenny Mayne, it can happen.
Unframed, slightly dog-eared, and arranged (apart from one pair, on an opposite wall) in an amorphous cluster, they work only if the viewer is prepared to squint and could easily disappear into the background of a less-sympathetic context.
Only if you buy into the guilt-edged version handed down over the past five decades like some dog-eared fable.
All our yesterdays are tied up in those dog-eared sleeves.
Owning one--whether smuggled from overseas or copied by hand from dog-eared Bibles that managed to survive the turmoil of the Cultural Revolution (1966-76) when Red Guards ransacked homes and burned anything perceived to be "bourgeois"--often guaranteed a sentence to hard labour, torture, or death.