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Synonyms for dog-eared

worn or shabby from overuse or (of pages) from having corners turned down


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He remembered all about the incident of the boxes, and from a wonderful dog-eared notebook, which he produced from some mysterious receptacle about the seat of his trousers, and which had hieroglyphical entries in thick, half-obliterated pencil, he gave me the destinations of the boxes.
Its made for peanuts, dog-eared feel turns out to be quite charming with former Grange Hill star Maguire making for a convincing lead, and no end of chortles springing from the snappy dialogue.
Rather, she said, it was how god dog-eared the part of her he
Border Collies are good examples of dogs that sometime have dog-eared dog ears and sometimes don't.
Unframed, slightly dog-eared, and arranged (apart from one pair, on an opposite wall) in an amorphous cluster, they work only if the viewer is prepared to squint and could easily disappear into the background of a less-sympathetic context.