dog violet

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Old World leafy-stemmed blue-flowered violet

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These are betony, cowslip, meadow cranesbill, lady's bedstraw, meadow vetchling, red clover, meadow sweet, common spotted orchid, eyebright, common dog violet, knapweed and devil's-bit scabious.
Steep sides protected it from development so it remains a refuge for oak, ash, beech, hazel, bluebells, moschatel and goldilocks buttercups, flag iris, dog violet, kingfisher and spotted woodpecker.
Wildflower seeding will include foxglove, red campion, rough hawkbit, common knapweed and dog violet.
They will help in planting more than 1,000 wild-flower plants including sweet and dog violets, bluebell and primroses.
Now on the lane leading to my home, we have cow parsley, the last of the blue bells, dog violets, creeping buttercup, foxgloves, stitchwort, cranesbill, ransom and red campion - it's beautiful and covered in butterflies and insects.
On the woodland floor you can plant a tapestry of colour with Foxgloves, Dog Violets, lily of the valley, primroses, wood anemone, Crane's-bill, forget-me-nots and Stinking Hellebore.
Many species of butterfly, such as the large white and peacock also enjoy Brierdene, as do mammals like weasels, voles and shrews Plants such as gorse, meadow cranesbill, rowan, bluebells, celandine, daffodils, dog violets and sweet violets have popped up.
Next spring and summer the site will be ablaze with colour from 12 different species of flowers including crocuses, dog violets, bluebells, summer snowflakes, ragged robin and ox eye daisies.
Through double wrought-iron gates either side of the sweeping driveway you'll see seasonal wild orchids, dog violets and daisies.
First the yellow - the celandine and daffodils, dandelions and primroses, then white - stargazer lilies, anemones, clouds of snowdrops, may blossom and stitchwort - colour coming in schemes at first to the wide land, before other picks of colour - the dog violets, and the bluebells and campions, and, in the woods close to the stream, ramsons: wild garlic.
The dry spell continues and the Jungle is a riot of colour with wild flowers everywhere: within a few yards, wild bugle, yellow pimpernel, ramsons, golden saxifrage, herb robert, ground ivy, bluebells, common dog violets, wood sorrel and primroses.