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Just think, if it wasn't for all those other fantastic distractions when I was a kid - raiding gardens for tumshies, chapping doors and running away, setting fire to a paper bag with a dog turd inside it and leaving it on an old dear's doorstep so she'd unwittingly stamp it out with her foot - I could have been a Wimbledon champ.
HARD luck to the bloke who bought the novelty dog turd at Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne's garage sale at the weekend.
If Croke Park chiefs insist on showing less respect to their elite hurlers and footballers than they would to a dog turd, the big names are entitled to take the battle to the sewers.
I was going to send you a dog turd through the post but I could never have brought myself to lick the envelope.
You could put a spray-painted dog turd on it, put the word "vintage" next to it, and people would be clamouring for it like crazed pensioners at a jumble sale.
Is it good luck when you skid on a dog turd and fall head-first into an open sewer?
Lola the incontinent bulldog christens the house(series 1, episode 2) and Ozzy declares: 'I live in an eight million dollar dog turd
Jim McLean # David Beckham walks into the dressing room at Real Madrid holding a dog turd in his hand and says to teammate Ronaldo: 'Look what I nearly stood in
In a stiff breeze that carried a hint of sewage, we gingerly pitched camp between dog turd and used syringes.
We don't lock ourselves into our homes at night on account of being scared witless we might come across a stray dog turd, or a carelessly chucked chip wrapper.
It was like Stelling asking viewers why, if they like football so much, they're sat on the sofa watching him instead of dodging the dog turds in a kickabout down the park.
There's the man who stockpiles literature from the Krishnas who solicit near his workplace to discourage the Jehovah's Witnesses who ring his doorbell too often and too early; the gentleman who has accumulated nearly half a million copies of AOL's free installation disks, intending to load a hauler, drive it to AOL's headquarters and announce, "You've got mail"; the city dwellers who put tiny flags in the dog turds their neighbors fail to clean up, and ever so much more.
These security guards are as common as dog turds and Jorge explained that although there are federal police, each neighborhood or apartment building must hire a private police force as well.
If they found that, by a mixture of clever advertising and attractive packaging, they could make more dosh by selling dog turds on sticks, they would be out collecting sticks before you could say "close the brewery".