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military identification tag worn on a chain around the neck

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metal plate on a dog collar bearing its registration number

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Headquartered in White Plains, NY, Dog Tag Boot Camp is the first outdoor military fitness program of its kind.
Spyderco's factory version of his Dog Tag has a green-anodized titanium frame with an aluminum backstop and pivot cap done up in blue.
From Memorial Day through the Fourth of July, Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery raised 8115,424 for the Folds of Honor Foundation through the sale of paper dog tags at all Tilted Kilt locations nationwide.
These dog tag exchanges are the first step in a Department of Defense initiative to inspire an enduring commitment to service and to enrich local communities across America through the influence of the U.
David Cain of history project Eighth in the East said: "We'd like to trace his relatives and we'd be happy to return the dog tag.
The grant from the Coalition to Salute America's Heroes has been earmarked to provide 12 weeks of education and training for the first wounded veteran hired to work at Dog Tag Bakery.
Then use safety wire to fasten the dog tag to the barrel.
I keep that dog tag, "Hope," on my motorcycle key, to keep her angel close.
Her facility houses relics of the war: weapons, clothing, personal effects of both Japanese and American military personnel, dog tags and even human remains.
METAL detecting enthusiasts scanned farmland at Clayton West hoping to find dog tags buried in a field hours earlier.
A dog tag is the informal name for the identification tags originally worn by military personnel, but which are now popular in wider fashion circles.
Upon completion, each dog tag was individually suspended from the ceiling, and the exhibit floor space was covered with sand to replicate a real formation.
But for youngsters whose parents are serving in the Middle East, a better accessory might be a custom-made dog tag.
I'm delighted to support Bobath's fundraising initiative and hope as many Cardiff Blues and Wales fans will go out and buy a dog tag as soon as possible,' said Mike.
On their first Virgin Atlantic flight pets will be provided with a welcome pet pack, featuring a special Virgin doggy T-shirt and dog tag for dogs, a toy mouse and a Virgin collar tag for cats, and a limited edition flying jacket and collar tag for ferrets.