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a sled pulled by dogs

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Vitello, who is also the Brookfield animal control officer, said mushing, which includes dog sled racing and other competitive and recreational sports involving dogs and their companions, is not just for hard-core adventure-seeking types anymore.
A children's program took place earlier in the day, as well as a dog sled demonstration at the Hastings School.
The family take the sport so seriously they've got a petition to see if they can get dog sleds entered into the Winter Olympics.
Skis, canoes, snowmobiles, dog sleds, bicycles, anything you could imagine.
In addition to Balto, the exhibition features historical photographs and newspaper accounts, archival newsreel film, a musher's shack, dog sleds, memorabilia and much more.
Wells Fargo connected its network to Alaska by using both dog sleds and horse-drawn sleds.
Today, dog sleds are mainly used in races, the most famous one being the Alaskan Iditarod, in which competitors race from Anchorage to Nome, with the winner getting a cash prize of $50,000, which just about covers the winner's Chapstick expenses.