dog sled

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a sled pulled by dogs

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Fur Rondy started in 1935 as a three-day celebration of the end of a successful mining and trapping season and initially featured skiing, baseball, boxing, and not surprisingly, a dog sled race.
Eileen and Gregg Vitello of Longhill Road, Bailey's mom and dad, got immersed in all aspects of dog sled racing, including being competitors themselves, before Bailey was born.
Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would have mushed a dog sled," she says.
I was on the shore of frozen Hudson Bay to experience three things I've never done before: building an igloo, mushing a dog sled team and watching the eerie green northern lights dance in the night sky.
If your image of a dog sled team conjures up pictures of Alaska's 1,100-mile Iditarod race, think again.
Female Iditarod dog sled racer DeeDee Jonrowe will be the guest speaker at Tuesday's EIA Inspirational and Awards BreakFast.
Hey, I am not a lumberjack or fur trader, and I don't live in an igloo or eat blubber or own a dog sled and I don't know Jimmy, Sally, or Suzie from Canada, although I am certain they're really, really nice.
Martin and his wife, Tracie, own and operate Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park, which offers 10-mile, two hour treks through the forests of Fraser Valley.
Another program to debut with the NSCD this season is dog sled rides.
There are no dog sled trainers in Tampa, are there?
The proper expression is "sled dog racing," not dog sled racing.
The bronze monument to the dog Togo in New York's Central Park shows human admiration for the discipline and strength of dog sled teams.
The older Landry said he started his son in dog sled racing about two years ago.
In 1986, she was the first woman to journey by dog sled to the north pole.