dog shit

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Next morning I go into the classroom, and on the board is "Jews house burn like dog shit.
So prepare yourself for the following TV advert: "This isn't just dog shit, it's hand-picked Marks & Spencer King Charles cavalier spaniel dog shit.
Pink Flamingos is most noted for its outrageousness, nudity, rough language, and chicken mutilation as well as the "Bal'mer" coterie's pursuit of frivolity, scatology, sensationology, and skewed epistemology, not to mention the famous last scene wherein Divine eats dog shit for real.
refused at Towcester and dumped me in a pile of dog shit.
For example, the tape I like the most, From Dog Shit to Irma Vep, traces a series of connections between two things: a piece of dog shit I saw in the street at 10:45 A.
He once boasted he could get "110 votes to have dog shit declared the national food.
When we rock, when Eidan Thorr manipulates those stiff chrome strings, when Lucian pounds the dog shit out of the thunder crushers, and when Strangees hammers that bass to the ears of the uninitiated, magic is made, magic is stirred--the lining of the clouds starts ripping us under and magic just happens.
In his latest show, yanking open a plain wooden box equipped with a rope pulley revealed an elegant pile of synthetic dog shit.