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prickly wild rose with delicate pink or white scentless flowers


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Even the wasteland around the local sewage works can become a magic land of hawthorn hedgerows and dog roses.
a crown of lilac, he said, pussywillows, dog roses and lilies, a deluge.
Eighteen pieces, depicting fruit, flowers and birds' nests painted by the Clare family were snapped up at Christie's - the most valu-able entitled Dog Roses and Vio-lets depicted by George Clare, who died in 1890, fetched pounds 3,309.
Elderflowers are coming out early, some dog roses are in flower and that's 'hello June
ACROSS: 7 Stand-up 9 Odium 10 Aches 11 Surgeon 12 Ill 13 Triassic 16 Crackers 17 Tap 19 Othello 21 Omega 22 Snags 23 Enlarge DOWN: 1 Islamic 2 Bachelor 3 Odes 4 Dog roses 5 Fire 6 Among 8 Passive role 13 Tactless 14 In theory 15 L-plates 18 House 20 Hear 21 Owls
Quince are valuable ornamental trees, with attractive white or pink flowers, similar to dog roses, set against dark green oval leaves with downy white undersides and pale grey bark.
The only exception is if the rose produces especially pretty or showy hips - such as dog roses, or Rosa moyesii 'Geranium' - which need to be left to form for a gorgeous autumn display.
We could roam the woods and fields where the schools are now built, there were beautiful wild flowers, ox-eye daisies, dog roses and violets.
The least expensive security hedge is one of mixed native species like hawthorn, holly, dog roses and gorse.