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a public enclosure for stray or unlicensed dogs


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A spokesman for the RSPCA confirmed Buster had been released by the dog pound and they could not intervene.
Ken Hopkins, from Moreton, whose son Geoff, 48, has attended Moreton day centre for 33 years, said: "We were asked to put our choices on whether we keep the dog pound and whether we support the council sponsoring Tranmere Rovers.
My wife Diane collected our dog Lucy (a lurcher-bearded collie) from the dog pound on Penarth Road in January 2001.
Eventually he was handed to the dog warden and taken to the stray dog pound where he at least has food and shelter.
Angela said: "My husband came across a beautiful young three to four months old female cross setter on the Louth Dog Pound website, and he contacted the Head Dog Warden who agreed to book her for us until we came to get her.
Dog Pound 18, 87 mins A harrowing account of brutality and retribution within the American correctional system, Dog Pound features troubled 17-year-old Butch (Adam Butcher), drug dealer Davis (Shane Kippel), 16, and 15-yearold Hispanic car thief Angel (Mateo Morales) who are sent to the Enola Vale Correctional Facility in Montana.
Ronnie Gilbertson asked officials if he could be alone with the Staffordshire terrier cross before it was put down, but escaped from a dog pound in Australia, leaving behind his wife and two children.
Wandering around a place she doesn't know, Wendy is plunged into despair when Lucy goes missing and her loyal companion is now here to be found, not even at the dog pound.
It is believed Jake was let off his leash before tramping across muddy fields and busy roads and walking into the dog pound.
The organisation has offered to provide volunteers who would visit the council's dog pound and establish the number of dogs suitable for 're-homing'.
They need to get people in that dog pound who know what they are doing, not a bunch of book people who think they know what they are doing,'' he said.
Later, another officer put the stray in the dog pound unaware the drugs were already there.
Going to the local toy store this summer is like a visit to the local dog pound.
Lot 1 services management and recovery of municipal dog pound stray animals 59 months (effective from 02.
ANIMAL welfare groups have sent a damning report to Attorney-general Petros Clerides detailing a 'systemic regime of animal abuse' at the Dhali municipal dog pound.