dog paddle

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an elementary swimming stroke imitating a swimming dog

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He then put Trudy into a river, telling her to paddle like a dog Trudy quickly mastered the dog paddle and was eager to learn more.
Whether you swim like a fish or just dog paddle, there's plenty of time to practice your strokes for our new age-group swimming event.
Though a number of coaches have encouraged a side-to-side hip rotation and alternate breathing stroke techniques, Jake insists on using his tried-and-true dog paddle.
Because the competitors can only use dog paddle, it's all about leg power.
1) Dog Paddle (2) Front Crawl (3) Off Side CALL 0900 586 6729 and follow instructions (61p/ min) OR TEXT the word DRCOMP2 followed by a space then your answer (1, 2 or 3), your name, full address including postcode and email address to 85858 (PS1.
The Dive-In Dog is topped with American-style mustard and a mound of crispy frizzled onions; The Dog Paddle is topped with sauerkraut, crispy bacon bits and German mustard, while The Dunkin' Dog is topped with melty cheese sauce, pickled jalapenos and chopped red onions.
Greenough further said that the competition sees serious athletes who want to prove to their friends they can do it and people in fancy dress adding that part of the fun is making a fool of oneself and as the competitors can only use dog paddle, it is all about leg power.
5) Mark McKeel holds onto his pal Oberon as the big dog paddles to shore during Newfoundland water rescue certification testing Sunday at Channel Islands Harbor.