dog in the manger

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someone who prevents you from enjoying something that they themselves have no need for

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1 dog one's footsteps 2 put on the dog (wear fur) 3 doggone 4 dog's breakfast 5 play dog in the manger 6 dogsbody 7 dog eared 8 nose around 9 go to the dogs 10 doggy fashion/style 11 dog Latin 12 dogfight 13 lazy person 14 dog collar 15 dogs 16 a hair of the dog that bit one 17 the dog before his master 18 dog end 19 pup tent 20 dog watch 21 dog soldier 22 dog tag 23 doggy work 24 dog leg 25 influenza 26 in the doghouse 27 dog hole 28 (Al Capp's) Dogpatch 29 dog water 30 dog's dick 31 dog's vomit 32 let the dog see the rabbit 33 puppy love 34 bitchy 35 drunk as a fiddler's bitch
There are no dogs and there is no manger in Dog In The Manger, which opens the Royal Shakespeare Company's Spanish Golden Age season in the North-east.
The Dog In The Manger at the People's Theatre until Saturday
Productions on offer include Hamlet, Macbeth, King Lear, The Dog in the Manger, Tamar's Revenge and The House of Desires.
Joseph seems to be working 24-7 these days, taking roles in The Dog In The Manger, House of Desires and Pedro, The Great Pretender, all at the People's Theatre, in Heaton, Newcastle, from next week.
The four plays to be staged at the People's Theatre in Newcastle ( a major boost for the amateur company which runs it ( are The Dog In The Manger by Lope de Vega (which Boswell directs); House of Desires by Sor Juana InAs de la Cruz; Pedro, the Great Pretender by Miguel Cervantes; and Tamar's Revenge by Tirso de Molina.