dog house

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outbuilding that serves as a shelter for a dog

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He was arrested in a dawn raid and will be appearing at court tomorrow where it is expected he will be sent to the big dog house.
The OurPets Comfy Cabin Dog House is built to last a lifetime.
In The Dog House is the area's first canine hotel, featuring ten extravagantly-themed rooms for terriers with taste, daschunds who like to cut a dash and posh poodles.
Someone had disconnected the rope attached to the dog house.
The owner was shocked when she approached the dog house to release her pet from its chain when she instead found a carpet python with a large bulge.
Living in the dog house Historic kennels up for sale as local hunt moves on Page 6 A heavenly place to live Former chapel now a family home with character Page 7 Designs on a riverside house?
Sophie Gets Curtains" is the charming story of a growing wire fox terrier whose family surprises her with a new dog house to reward her for passing her 2-year-old puppy test.
And there s no dog house for this plentiful pooch, who consumes about 110 pounds (50 kg) of food each month.
I had some difficulty understanding (I'm not the mechanical type) how to convert the dog house.
Anthony's Dog House is the latest profit center for this New England beach-town single store, which has spun off a few successful "shops-within-a-shop" throughout its 19-year history - this one with its own separate banner.
The Dog House in Seaham is the only facility of its kind in the area and has pulled in punters from a wide cross section of dog owners since it opened for business last December.
9 million yen dog house with a Kitty cushion during a July 24-30 promotion event at Mitsukoshi Ltd.
A "loud, aggressive" man robbed The Dog House, 195 E.
You can mount one on each side--or on either side of the rear--of the dog house.
White Rocket Wine Company plans to develop a series of new brands, but it is also incorporating some of the existing brands from the Jackson Family Farms portfolio, including Camelot, Dog House and Tin Roof.