dog days

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the hot period between early July and early September

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But it was cats, actually, that gave the museum inspiration to launch the first Dog Days of Summer event.
Krystal Celebrates Hot Dog Day All Summer Long With Free Offer
30pm, 8pm; Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (U) Fri-Thu 10.
Drawing on The Last Straw and Dog Days stories, Greg (Zachary Gordon) is developing feelings for a girl he likes, Holly Hills (Peyton List).
Kinney has written two further books in the series since Dog Days and a new instalment, The Third Wheel, is published in the UK on November 14, so we face the grim possibility of Greg tormenting us on the big screen for years to come.
BRATTISH It's hard to care about Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days
The dog days of summer are anything but slow at Trump Plaza where sales are moving as fast as construction of the new 40-story luxury residential tower that soars above the New Rochelle skyline.
These scotties get you through the dog days of winter.
During the dog days of summer (although technically over August 11, when Sirius, the Dog Star, stopped rising at the same time as the sun), let's take time out for a chuckle or two.
In the dog days of summer, mosquito bites are a regular occurrence.
Having taken delivery of the ISS model in January, the company has already seen it perform in the depths of winter as well as the dog days of summer.
Dog Days, a daycare for dogs in Bentonville, is the only local store that carries the products, but they're also available online at www.
Football players are being worked to "death" during the dog days of summer to prepare for an August game.
But when the dog days become too plentiful, it can be symptomatic of a problem.
They would have missed much of the busy Christmas season and gone almost right into the dog days of winter, he adds.