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Synonyms for dog collar

a collar for a dog

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a stiff white collar with no opening in the front

necklace that fits tightly around a woman's neck

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The millennials appropriated '80s punk and a different take on dog collars and chokers, seen best at Valentino and Gucci.
Today, the use of dog collars can be a symbol of personal style.
We set out to make a modern looking, easy to use, high quality dog collar, that will last your dog's lifetime," says Mehdi Malek, Founder of MEMA[R] Pets.
Children at the Cumberland Pencil Museum, above; the Dog Collar Museum, left; a padded cell at the Museum of Mental Health, below, and the Forge Mill Needle Museum, right.
A wireless dog collar set to hit the market this year is just one of a plethora of new devices the telephone company hopes will catch on with U.
We have designed a pet product unlike anything seen before: a bottle opener and dog collar in one.
But it was when we were training him that we realised that he was a proper little show-off and would be ideal to model the Gladstone dog collars.
VICARS are being advised stop wearing dog collars when not working to make themselves less vulnerable to attack.
Electric dog collars which issue a shock when pets misbehave must be banned, according to a Midland MP.
3 2005 snow globe; 4 Broadway Bares 15: Rxxx 2005-2006 calendar; 5 dog collars and leashes; and "Make a Difference" wristbands for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
Instead of dog collars, you can sport a heart collar or a word collar ("bad kitty" is apparently a big hit) alongside hearty cuffs and a pink leather blindfold so sweetly sexy you'll feel like you're slumbering next to a princess.
Owners are responsible for marking dog collars with their hunting registration number and for keeping their dogs confined to the private land.
JOHN GUILFORD is swapping his dog collars - for a dog collar
Naughty lingerie store Agent Provocateur in London have diamant chokers and dog collars to go with their exquisite sexy lingerie and maribou slippers.